All of our merchandise can be monogrammed or customized. We have over 12 different font styles and 10 color options that can be used to personalize a piece. The cost for monogramming is an additional $10. The available font styles can be viewed by selecting the Monogram option on each respective item. This field should allow you to see a brief description for each font and the sequence the letters should be entered. Below are some traditional guidelines. Please browse our gallery of stamped items to get inspired!

Individual Monograms

3 Letter

The sequence of letters should be First / Middle / Last if the letters are equal in size. If the larger letter resides in the middle, the sequence should be First / Last / Middle.

2 Letter

The sequence is simply First / Last

1 Letter

It is most common for it to be the letter of the First Initial

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How are the fonts applied?

A: We use a traditional method of monogramming called heat stamping, where heat and pressure are applied against foils and transferred to the product.

Q: Can I combine different fonts?

A: Each of our fonts are set to work alone and cannot be combined.

Q: What is “Blind Embossed”?

A: Blind embossed is when the impression is stamped with heat and pressure but without any foil or color. It’s a classic and more subtle style of monogramming.

Q: How long does the personalization take?

A: We work fast and we usually can have your order shipped within 3 business days of receiving your order. Having said that, please let us know if there is a "must-have" date. We try our best to have it out in 3 business days, but some seasons get quite busy.

Q: Where do the goods ship from?

A: We’re based in Southern California (about 10 minutes from Disneyland~ yay!).

Q: Can I return or adjust a monogram once it’s been monogrammed?

A: Unfortunately, no, the monogramming is permanent and once it’s been customized we cannot accept returns or make any changes to the stamping.

Q: I have a Boulevard item can I send it in to get stamped?

A: Sure! Shoot us an email and let’s do it.

*Blind embossing available - not compatible with jumbo or circle font. Not available on Suede items or Sheldon Laptop sleeve.